Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Sgraffito journey is complete!

There were days that I just wanted to come home from work and draw with glass, then there were days where I was just too pooped out to draw, but I kept going and didn't miss a day!

When New Year's eve came around I was listening to all the resolutions my husband wanted to accomplish in 2015. Me, myself and I, didn't really have or want to make any resolutions. I was kind of feeling melancholy on New Years eve. I was celebrating with all my kids at home, but was thinking about how my home was going to be empty once their Christmas break was over, and my oldest son moving to his new apartment. Then while I was browsing Facebook, there it was, a 30 day Sgraffito challenge! I got so excited that I was going to have something to look forward to, and keep my evenings occupied while I played with glass!

It has been such a fun month creating, and looking at all the other participants creations.

Thank you Kelly Crosser Alge for this great opportunity, pushing us forward and keeping this going even when you didn't feel well!


  1. Whew, did that month fly by or what. Great job and I am so impressed that you are jumping ahead and working with color! Keep it up. ~Steph