Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time of change

I don't have any cute pictures to post or new art projects to talk about.  Today I've decided to make a few changes in my world.  I have closed my (stagnate) website, closed my "business" with the state and deleted my listings from my Etsy shop. I didn't create, push or pursue enough of anything to create a real business. Today, I felt that I needed to make these changes for myself so I can continue to grow in my own world and make myself happy.

Currently, my oldest son, who will be graduating college in December, plans to move out of state to "find" himself, as many of us do at his age:)  My daughter, is entering her freshman year of college and just moved into her new dorm room this weekend.  My youngest son is 16 and is entering his junior year of high school come Monday.  For now, his plans include going to an out of state college (that will all depend on scholarships & if he gets any:)

My youngest doesn't keep me as busy as my daughter did, so I too will be starting classes this coming week. My classes are not about learning and pursuing a "new" career, but to expand my mind intellectually, and my creative side as well.  I'm not sure just where all of this will lead me, but I do know it will lead me somewhere.    

 Time is always in motion and nothing ever stays the same.   It is my time of change.........


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Up-cycled T's

It's always nice to find something to do with the old clothes that your children no longer want but will use if you get creative with them.

Every year before school gets ready to start, I ask my kids to go through their clothes and bag the clothes they have grown out of to make room for new school clothes.  We usually donate the old clothes, but this year since my daughter is getting ready to leave for college I knew that she was going to "bag" some clothes that she felt she was too "old" to wear.  Before sending everything off to the donation bin I went through the clothes and picked out her favorite t-shirts she wore in high school and made some small "comfort" pillows. 

When she saw what I was making, she just fell in love with them! I ran out stuffing as she was choosing more t-shirts she wanted me to make into pillows!  She's even having me make some for her friends too!

The worn cotton t-shirts and the fluffy stuffing are so soft that it makes them not only comfortable but huggable as well!  We're planning on adding pom-pom's to all the pillows!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seahorse & Kitty cat bowls

It's amazing that the summer months are flying by so fast.  There so much left to do and so little time to do it in.
When I started my dichro pendants this year, (seahorses & starfishes) I thought I wanted to keep them simple and go the traditional route of putting plain bails on them or wire wrap them.  Neither of those ideas worked out for me, so I am back to placing little charms on the back of my pendants. I guess that's just me.

So today I'm shipping out my first seahorse with a little dolphin charm attached to it and a couple of the cat bowls to some feline family members on the east coast.