Thursday, June 28, 2012


I finally bought my tile water saw, put it together yesterday and used it today!

This is my first up-cycle project and was pretty pleased with the way it came out.  I love drinking TopoChico spring water and so does a friend of mine who, even when not drinking the water, wanted glasses made from TopoChico bottles so he could use them for beer. I was happy to help him out!

I used the water saw to cut the bottles then hand beveled the glasses for a smooth edge.

 I hope he enjoys them!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kitty Cat food bowls

Who deserves some creative glass art? My Kitty Cats of course!!! I worked on three small food bowls, for my three cats, Tiger, Jake and Little Kitty (she's really not that little but she is little compared to the other two!)

 The yellow and orange bowl remind me of kibbles and the green bowl has a wavy edge perfect for the prissy little kitty.
                                              Jake's bowl with a dark kitty paw print corner.
                                            Tiger's bowl with a light paw print in the corner.
Little Kitty's bowl with a yellow paw print on the edge.
Little Kitty (she's a messy eater :))

I think all three of them like there bowls!  

On a more serious note, I recently found out from a friend of mine that cat's can be allergic to plastic and break out with kitty acne around there mouth/face.  I have been a cat lover & owner all of my life and never heard of this. A few weeks ago I had purchased a cute small plastic bowl from the grocery store and started feeding Little Kitty from it and the top of her nose completely broke out and I thought some kind of bug had gotten to her.  I was wrong, she was allergic to the plastic bowl.  As soon as I threw it away she started to clear up almost immediately. From now on I'll make them their bowls from glass!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Working on it!

A couple of weekends ago I was in Austin and had the opportunity to stop by Helios Glass Studio and take a look around.  They had a great selection of glass and supplies and the atmosphere was very laid back and nice. I wouldn't mind going back up to Austin for there open studio! Since I didn't really need any fusing supplies, I went right next door to Artisan Stained Glass and they had the most beautiful colors of glass!  After much debate I picked out a couple of sheets of glass for the birds in my stained glass window and the gentleman that was there cut the glass to the size I needed.  I was very pleased with my selection and couldn't wait to see what my birds were going to look like with the combination of colors I selected.  I think that's the funnest part, picking out colors of glass!  

I finally got around and did some work on the stained glass window. I finished all the clear background over the past few weekends and today I finished cutting three of the six birds. I still need to define the feathers, and put eyes on them.  At least I'm working on it!