Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holidays, blog & daily life

I took a long break from my last post on this blog.  I had to think, regroup and re-prioritize what's important in my life.

I finished my fall semester with two classes left to graduate with an AA. The final two classes that I need to graduate are never available around my work schedule. (I want/need my job more than the AA degree).
So, I figured out that I will bypass the AA and just go for the bachelors..... eventually :) So, in the meantime I decided to take a couple classes this spring at the new glass studio Roadhouse Arts, to get my glass groove back on and learn something new!

Aaaahh, as far as my little rental spot at Homestead Handcrafts, where I thought I could sell my fused glass plates and pendants, I couldn't even come close to breaking even with the rent. I decided to go garage sale hunting and re-sell those items.  The garage sale items were a a hit ,but it wasn't the type of thing I wanted to do week after week, so I gave my notice and released myself from that little space. I'll re-group and figure out how and where I want to sell my glass pieces.  Right now I am little bored making the same old stuff so I'm looking forward to the classes I'm going to take.

Last but not least, instead of after Christmas sale shopping, I took all of my Christmas money and spent it on my pets, yes my pets! It made me happy and I believe it made them happy as well! Today I spent my day bathing my cats, my dogs and grooming them all! The cats slept all day and my dogs did a happy dance!