Sunday, March 23, 2014


Last month I decided to venture and try a new craft...... Pottery.  I picked up my pieces today knowing that I probably wouldn't venture any further into this craft anytime soon. The first day I walked into the pottery studio for class I wanted to leave, immediately. I was overwhelmed with all the "things" in the studio, and my mind went over all the money it would cost to pick up this new craft. I stayed and that anxious feeling of wanting to leave left me within the first 10 minutes.  I was the only student for this class, so I had one on one training four Saturdays in a row with excellent teacher. The time went by fast, as it usually does for me when I create something that I enjoy doing. Now, I did not master this craft, but the wet clay did feel good against my hand as it spun on the wheel. So here are a few pieces that I created. I do want to say that my love of glass prevails and although I had fun learning to throw pottery,  the colors of glass always amaze me, and keep me drawn close to them.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break 2014

So spring break seemed to be here a week earlier than usual and winter forgot to go away!  We took a trip down to Port A but the weather didn't cooperate that well. The wind was coming from the North and it was chilly (Texas chilly). The temps didn't want to budge up and the clouds didn't want to blow away. We made the best of our beach vacation flying kites, fishing, playing cards and dominoes. The  "Beach Retreat", on stilts we rented was really cute, at least that was a plus considering we spent more time in than out, especially at night.

 Upon our return home we still had a few days left of our spring break vacation so we took my cousin, who was here from NY to defrost, to downtown San Antonio during the St. Patrick's day events at La Villita. The vendors, music and the little shops were great, but I also wanted to also go to Market square to go eat at Mi Tierra, which has the best Mexican food in San Antonio (I don't really eat Mexican food but wanted my cousin to experience what San Antonio had to offer) needless to say it was really good, especially the strawberry margarita! Before we got to Mi Tierra's, as we got closer to Market square, we realized there was something big going on, REALLY big! We came up on thousands of people and we were in the middle of Tejano music festival! Live music coming from five different stages, food vendors and people everywhere! It was a nice surprise, too bad I don't listen to Tejano, but might have to give that a try too!

                                  Mariachis playing La Bamba for us at Mi Tierra!

It was already dark as we started to walk back to our car through downtown, the smell of blooming mount laurel, all the people walking, cars, lights, restaurants and bars, made me think about how different the scenery is within a fifteen minute car ride from the suburbs. Go figure, this was the first time I ran across a hot dog vendor in San Antonio too! I think I need to venture out downtown more, and really learn the city:)