Saturday, April 20, 2013

Foot Stool

I've been wanting to make a foot stool to go with my new chair for a while now.

When I went treasure hunting a few weeks ago I came upon some really nice upholstery material that I bought for a great deal. So, today my husband and I went out and bought some plywood, 9" wooden legs, wood stain and a foam cushion. I stained the legs while he cut the plywood down to a 14"x14", which is the size of the cushion and by the end of the day we finished the footstool with enough material left over for a couple of pillows!

                                                          I think Tiger likes it!

Continuation of the mid-west.... on to the Gyro Palace!

The trip was filled with places to go and people to see. We weren't on a schedule, our days were just filled with family, friends and food.  Did  mention food?  Lots of food!

Our visit to the Gyro Palace in Glendale, WI was a treat! We didn't order anything specific off the menu directly, our friend who is the Mom of the owner of the restaurant just called out to the cooks to provide a medley of foods!  SO Good! Chicken and beef Souvlaki, calamari, salad, spinach pie , pita bread & yummy ztaztiki!(yogurt, garlic and cucumber sauce)
There were only 3 of us at this feast and there was a lot left over!
I had so much fun with our friend!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm back from the Midwest!

Midwest: cold and rainy with some overnight snow. ( I got to make a snowball =) )

I got off the plane in Chicago and took a DEEP breath! The air was crisp and refreshing and the rain didn't bother me. I didn't sneeze or blow my nose the entire time I was there.

I spent the last few days going to places I haven't been to in 30+ years and visited with my childhood best  friend! what a treat!

My journey starts out visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum, and as luck had it, the Art in bloom exhibit was going on! I enjoyed it immensely!

My adventure continued that day with a meal at the Harbor House. Since it was mid afternoon, we ordered from the bar menu, and had a spectacular view of Lake Michigan! The food was so good and I ate so much that I wasn't hungry until the next day at dinner time! If your ever in Milwaukee and love seafood this place is a must!    

I couldn't even finish the best lobster bisque I've ever had!
View of the Museum from Harbor House

I'll continue with with my adventure later, one day at a time.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Found treasures!

I love spring in Texas, it actually feels like summers days I've experienced  in other places that I've lived!

Every spring I go on a hunt for treasures.  Treasures that other people are tired of, or just have no use or room for anymore.  On my journey I also made a new friend. Lu was walking her neighborhood and purchased items she couldn't carry so we got in my car and took the journey together!  What a great way to make a new friend!

I usually look for art in different forms and this year it just so happened to come in the form of plates. It seemed that every house I went to had commemorative art plates.

It was amazing that they came from all different parts of the world, California, Peru, France Italy and . + the mold from England.

 Set of six from France


My all time favorite! Copper chocolate lion mold from England

I really enjoyed the treasure hunt this year!!!