Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm back from the Midwest!

Midwest: cold and rainy with some overnight snow. ( I got to make a snowball =) )

I got off the plane in Chicago and took a DEEP breath! The air was crisp and refreshing and the rain didn't bother me. I didn't sneeze or blow my nose the entire time I was there.

I spent the last few days going to places I haven't been to in 30+ years and visited with my childhood best  friend! what a treat!

My journey starts out visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum, and as luck had it, the Art in bloom exhibit was going on! I enjoyed it immensely!

My adventure continued that day with a meal at the Harbor House. Since it was mid afternoon, we ordered from the bar menu, and had a spectacular view of Lake Michigan! The food was so good and I ate so much that I wasn't hungry until the next day at dinner time! If your ever in Milwaukee and love seafood this place is a must!    

I couldn't even finish the best lobster bisque I've ever had!
View of the Museum from Harbor House

I'll continue with with my adventure later, one day at a time.


  1. gosh, that food looks wonderful! i love the midwest as i was raised in wisconsin but have lived as a texan, now, for more than 1/2 my life.

    thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment! really appreciate it!

    1. Same here! I've been in Texas for 20 years! I left Wisconsin about 30 years ago. It was nice to go back and visit! Your photographs and art are just beautiful, I enjoy looking at them!