Thursday, October 19, 2017

October is half way over....

I haven't been in the mood to share anything because not much is going on...except in my head.  My thoughts are buzzing around, second guessing myself with the decisions I have made, am making, and I am just trying to push forward.  I know the old saying goes that "you are were you are meant to be", but at the same time, "not making a decision to do something is making a decision in itself"....   I feel like my mind is moving a million miles a minutes while my body is still.  I doubt I am the only one that feels or has felt this way one time or another in their lives. 

Anyway, I finally came on here to write about the on goings of art, real estate and my day job.

Last night I finally picked up a paint brush and on a small canvas proceeded to paint, down stairs in the kitchen so I could be near my cats. It really felt good to be painting. The kitten was on the table among the paints and brushes, watching me carefully as she tossed the paint brushes of the table. I've got to admit it was fun watching this mischievous little kitten play and having fun.

On the real estate side, I signed on as an agent in mid August and was hoping that I would be working with someone to either help them buy or sell their home by now.  I have a whopping ZERO people that I am working with, and the goal of having 2 under contract by the end of October is  fleeting....  I have to keep positive but it can be very discouraging, especially for a person who lacks patience... 

Did I tell you the board of directors of my day job are "allowing" me keep my day job while being an active Real Estate Agent?  I was pretty happy with that fact since I do need an income to pay my house hold bills and all the fees & dues that go with the real estate license. 

I wanted to share with you a home that is on the market through my broker.  I am in love with the "enchanted" door!

the two pals Tiger and Samantha

Friday, October 6, 2017

Last night's full moon

After my day job yesterday, I went to my first Builder/Realtor function and had a great time! I spoke to some Realtors that I knew, and made connections with Realtors that I just met. It was so nice to just get out and have fun and mingle with people. It was a only a two hour event in a beautiful M/I Homes Model in the Ravello Subdivision, only about 20 minutes from my house, but in an area that I haven't visited in many years.  During the event I even won a drawing for a $50 gift card! I left as the sun was setting and on my way home on the highway, in the distance I thought I saw the BIGGEST lit up Ferris wheel I had even seen in my life, but I was wrong,.The big lit up sphere was the full moon hovering on the Highway. It was the largest moon I ever remember seeing.  It was big and orange and it was right in front of me, as if the moon moved 1000 times closer to earth.  As I traveled closer it moved up just a bit higher.  Since I was driving, there was no way I was going to get picture and even if I could have, it was going to look as magnificent as it did in realty, my phone camera is just not that good! 

Personally I have had good, like last night and some not so good days in the past couple of weeks.  Thus is life we take the good and the bad and make the best of it. 

On another note, I decorated for Halloween and brought out my baby doll that sits on an antique, milking chair from who knows where,  along with my other nic-nac Halloween  decorations.  I do enjoy this holiday. I love seeing the kids dressed up in their costumes and I love handing the candy out.  This year I also ordered a new Halloween dress.  I've been wearing the same one for more than a decade and saw a cute one online for less than $20.00, so why not.  I'll just put my Witches Hat on I'll be set.

So here is my baby doll with her cat, created by hand and signed by the artist.  By the way, my new dress will pretty much match hers.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Feeling pessimistic

Why? Good question. Maybe because most people that want to own guns have already bought them, have stashes of them, and if they "snap" will already have possesion of them to use them. I agree that most gun owners are responsible, law abiding citizens,  and I wouldn't want to infringe on their beliefs or rights, but really do you have to own a semi automatic, or the pieces that will equip it to become an automatic? Are you going to protect yourself, your family and neighbors from the war that is going to occur on our homeland? Is that why you own these weapons? Between the health care insurance crisis, and weapon crisis, I'm not sure what to think of politics, politicians, lobbyist and the crazies that live amongst us here in the United States.   This is where my pessimistic thoughts occur, there have been much bigger, more powerful govermnets that have collapsed in the history of human kind and right now the way we are going it feels train wreck about to happen. If politicians refused to do anything after Sandy Hook, why would anyone think they would do anything now? Actually I belive they passed more laws making it easier to aquire weapons, for anyone.  Oh yeah, when the politicians were targeted, wasn't that the day they were going to pass a law to make silencers legal to purchase?  

Friday, September 29, 2017

last two days in Athens

On our way back to Athens we spent eight hours on the ferry traveling from Santorini.  The ferry made two stops, one at Paros and then Naxos before finally arriving to Athens. It was a very long ride but it was pleasant.

When we got to port we took a cab to my nieces house which was a short ride away.  My niece and her husband were the first to greet us outside, and when we got upstairs, to the 4th floor walk-up my sister was waiting for us. It was the first time in a decade since we saw each other. The last time I was in Greece was for my mother's funeral in 2007.

My sister is about 20 years older than me, and I am only two years older than my niece.  My niece had an unexpected pregnancy last year that resulted a beautiful little boy that just turned 1  on September 22.  He is such a cutie pie!!!

Well, some people thrive on arguing and thus is the situation with my sister and her daughter.  They have ALWAYS been like this but it make one uncomfortable to be around, especially when you can't escape them! LOL! And my daughter couldn't understand a word!!  But between the arguing, we had a really nice time together.

my niece and my daughter

Me and my sister

he is such a happy baby!!!

After spending a couple of days together with my niece and sister, our vacation came to an end. We flew home and it took us two days with an overnight stay in Philly after missing our connecting flight. It was all good though, we spent the remainder of the week adjusting back to our everyday lives.

Not sure when I will ever make it back to Greece but this was the ultimate mother daughter trip I will always remember.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Part 2 of the day Excursuion from Santorini

After the hike on the volcano we headed back to the boat and went out to the tiny island of Tharissa. It was only a 5 minute boat ride and there we were, docked with a bunch of other little boats that looked like a parking lot of tiny little boats, it was a very pretty setting.

The shoreline was dotted with a few restaurants and a souvenir shop. Since this was a sunset tour we were told we were going to be there for about 2 hours before we headed back out to watch the sunset.

We had the option to climb the zigzag of almost 300 stairs to the top of the mountain where the people of this island all lived, or just sit at one of the restaurants, enjoy some dinner and relax. I'm sure you can guess what I chose after the 3 mile hike up the volcano. The population on this Island is about 150 people in the winter and about 300 residents in the summer.  They actually did not get electricity on the island until the mid 1980's, can you imagine that??  I can't believe they lived like that in my life time.

Mode of transportation to get on and off this island
(they must have muscular arms from rowing and strong legs walking up the stairs)

that zig-zag are the steps to go up and down the island

a closer, but not to close look of the stairs going up....

our view from the restaurant
Our meal consisted of Santorini tomato fritters and french fries 
followed by c ac cup of Greek coffee

The Mediterranean ocean is so clear no matter 
how deep the water is, it's just beautiful

Sunset on the way back to Santorini

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Day excursion from Santorini

So my daughter and I decided to take a six hour boat excursion to visit a 400 year old volcano named Nea Kameni Island which translates to New Burnt Island right across Santorini. The excursion also included a swim hot spring which will turn any color swimsuit to a rust color if your not wearing black (we passed). Then on the last stop visiting Thirassia Island before sunset.

Taking the grey hound bus down Santorini is probably scarier than going up.... needless to say we made it and got on the boat.  The tour guide was a very pleasant young man as was the capatain and his first mate.  Now, when they say "visit" the volcano, I honestly thought "look at" it. I was gravely mistaken as neither I nor my daughter were prepared to "hike" the volcano in flip-flops, no water and without any hat to protect us from the blazing sun.  So if the stairs in Glyfada weren't enough to get me over my fear of heights this shit certainly was.  I was tempted to wait at the bottom but I didn't want to disappoint my daughter so up we hiked...... it was hot rock and steep. my daughter had to hold my hand at some points just to help me up.  I really felt my age at this point.

There was an area that a small rope at calves height as there to "protect" people from falling down a steep area...  hmm.  As I took pictures of the black rocks going up and down, just to prove to my husband that I have truly over come my fear of heights, My daughter captures the perfect image, one that I didn't even notice....

on the boat to the volcano

made it to the top!

my flip flops about had it.....

I doubt that rope would do anything to prevent a fall.......

The two above pictures is what I my view was on this volcano.....

This is what my daughter saw!!!  I totally missed this view!
I did print this picture and have it in my home.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Santorini is a hub for tourists from around the world.  Walking down the street you can hear all different languages spoken.  It was also the only Island that we went to that had cruise ships coming in and out of the port. The amount of people on that small Island was over whelming.  The streets were jam packed with scooters, four wheeler's and smart cars rented by tourists.  The bad thing was there are no street lights and most of the drivers were speeding, or just plain disrespectful by driving the four wheeler's through the narrow walking pathways. Trying to cross the street was crazy.

The only time it was a bit quiet was early in the morning, that's when we would venture off for water, coffee and spinach pie for breakfast. Walking uphill towards the bakery I would have to stop a few times to catch my breath as "older" residents would just pass me up at a much quicker pace. I felt very out of shape (which I am). I'll also tell you that I haven't eaten so much spinach pie in my life on daily basis and still managed to lose five pounds from all the walking!

The path next to Vina's place was one where the herd of donkeys would be ushered through twice a day.  I had no idea that they were so big!

There was also a playground next to us and a small church. It's amazing but this Island doesn't have much greenery. Only a few trees planted here and there, but overall the island was just a big mountainous rock.

this is the play ground