Thursday, August 18, 2016

Very weak

This week I decided to join the gym. I am starting out slow. When I mean slow, I mean slooooow. Being a dormant coach potato for the last decade or so I have become very weak.  Tuesday I started on the elliptical for 10 minutes, manual, level easy... my legs were on FIRE by minute two! I pushed through and moved on to working out my legs.  I had to adjust the weights on the machines to very low weight (Remember, I live in Texas and walk NO where, I drive).

Tonight, I set the elliptical for 12 minute, manual, level easy..... I wanted to quit by minute eight. I was sweating and had a heart rate of 167, you would think I was running a marathon, but I made it to 12 minutes. I had to stand there for about 5 more minutes to make sure I wasn't going to pass out when I got off.  So I decided it would be work-out-arms day...  I couldn't even put any weight on ANY of the machines... I took the pegs out of all the machines I went on, and was straining to lift, push, or pull the bars themselves, I don't think I completed a set on any of them. Well, at least I started. Maybe I wont feel so weak in the near future if I keep it up. It's just sad when you can't even lift 15 pounds with two hands.....

It feels like it's going to be a long road ahead of me


I am a dreamer and my imagination soars about the possibilities that could be..... Maybe it's just because I'm a Pisces,,,,,

Sometimes I think about what life would be like living in Canada, or in Greece, or maybe even back in New York.

I think about traveling the world, and not having to work in my cubicle,

I think about what it would be like if things were different or if I did things differently.

And then I wake up in the morning, and my husband hugs and holds me, even  after 25 years together, and I realize I am happy right were I am, doing exactly what I'm doing.  That's love.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

just pondering things....

It's been a struggle for me to post anything on this blog lately.  I just worry about saying too much, too little, too personal, not personal enough.......   Then I wonder who is reading my blog. The last post was in the beginning of July yet the biggest hit of views, was a single day in mid July from Russia.... really, why????  I'm not that interesting.

Anyway, I have been pondering at making some extra money on the side. I work a typical full time 8-5 job and am considering weekend work.  All of my artwork is piling up in the office/studio and I have not really put it out there to sell, just a couple of facebook posts.  Do I want a low paying weekend hourly job, or do I need to hit the pavement and try to sell art? I really don't know how to go about this. I just know that I need to offset some bills. I am also not sure about working 7 days a week either..... ( I don't consider creating art work). This is my dilema.

In all reality, I just wish I had enough money to just travel the world.  So since I don't, even though it's only August, I asked my husband for a really nice world globe for Christmas, so I can just dream.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

loopy doodles and paint

As a creative person I try to find something that will take me "away".  I have thrown myself into these very large loopy, doodle paintings that keep my mind off of everything as I paint.  This one is is now on the wall in the upstairs TV room. It's huge 54" x 60" I'm also painting another one.... not sure where that one will go.
Music and Martini's


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fleas and a split second

I didn' t know if I wanted to write on this blog anymore, but here I am typing.  It's absolutely true that an entire life can change in a split second.  My daughter and I went to her apartment off campus the first weekend of June to pack her stuff up and get her moved out. As we were packing we realized that her apartment was infested in fleas and I didn't want them traveling back home with me..... I decided that we needed to find the nearest Walmart to get flea bombs, set them off and pack up on another weekend.  I haven't lived in Austin since 1996 and it has grown tremendously, so I am not familiar with the city anymore.  I got lost, took a wrong turn, didn't see the signal lights at all, as I ran a red light at a major intersection, getting T-boned on the passengers side where my daughter was sitting..... My reaction as I was passing under the bridge, not seeing the signal lights at first, then looking up, realizing it was a red light I was going through, my head and body turned to my daughter as I watched the impact occur in that split second. All I wanted to do was grab her in that instance and prayed that she would be ok. The Fire dept, EMS and Police couldn't believe that we made it out of the wreck, much less on our own, I'm traumatized that I put my daughters life in danger as well as the other driver.  The car is totalled, but we are alive and all the material stuff can be replaced.  I truly believe in God, angels and guiding spirits. I believe we are all connected spiritually. They say everything happens for a reason, but something like this I just can't figure out why...yet. I love all my kids dearly and I love my husband. I work to support my family and I try my best to be a good person. I am thankful that God, angels and guiding spirits were watching over us.

One more thing, my mother sent me a picture of St. Nicholas in 1994 with a note on the back of it saying that St Nicholas was watching over me and she prayed that he watch over my entire family.  I had framed that picture and gave it to my daughter, and she had it in her apartment. Before realizing there were fleas in her apartment and deciding to  leave for the store, I had packed it in the trunk of the car with some other pictures.  When we retrieved our personal items out of the car a couple of weeks later, the pictures had broken frames and glass everywhere, except St. Nicholas. The frame wasn't broken and even though the glass was shattered, it was still in place, like a mosaic of clear glass.  

Monday, May 23, 2016

The shift

I took my first stained glass class in March of 2001, and over the years created quite a few pieces of art. My creations varied from windows, stepping stones, mosaics, fused glass and pendants. Throughout the years that I was playing with glass I had fun with it. At one point I thought I could create a business, but it just wasn't meant to be in the overall scheme in my life. Over the last few months the EPA has had a major impact on the manufacturers of art glass in the U.S.A., and I agree that the environment is important to keep safe. With that in mind, I believe the government could help these businesses by providing some sort of tax break or grants to make the manufacturing of glass as safe for the environment as possible and keep these companies in business.

All of my stained glass windows, stepping stones and mosaics were created with Spectrum Glass. This company is closing it's doors after forty years in business. They were the only manufacturer that produced machine made glass, which made their glass just a bit more affordable than hand blown glass, with stunning color variations. Spectrums average retail price was about $6-$10 a square foot. They also produced  a line of System 96 COE for fusing glass, again a bit less expensive for the fuser. They stated that it wasn't just the EPA that affected the closing but the business never fully recovered from the recession. You can read the letter that the announcing the closure of Spectrum here.

Bullseye glass, my favorite glass that I use for fusing (90 COE), along with several other glass manufactures were all under a nationwide review by the EPA.  They were all ordered to install a filtration system to keep toxins from seeping into the environment, which they did comply. Now this past week the Governor of Oregon ordered a Cease and Desist order for Bullseye to stop manufacturing glass because of lead levels in the environment.  As of today May 23, 2016, Bullseye will have to start laying off people in their company, and have made this latest announcement, read here.

With everything that is going on in the glass industry, there will be a trickle down affect with all the small Mom and Pop glass retails shops, either their prices will be skyrocketing or they will be going out of business. I am hoarding my current glass supply and will not be creating anything with it for a while. I have a feeling that they way things are going I won't be able to afford to play with glass in the future.

My stash of powders


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

pretty in pink

As an artist I want to be identifiable by my art. I feel this shift in me right now that I want to delete everything I posted online and start over. But then I think this is who I am and this is what I put out there for the world to see and read. Good or bad it's out there. Who really cares anyway.

I am moving from glass to painting on canvas. I don't have the electrical outlets or space to create with glass right now.  Since I LOVE creating loopy designs I am going pursue it for now, maybe I will find success in it :)  I'm actually excited about this transition!.

Yesterday when I was looking out the window, I noticed that my neighbors blooming flowers match my pink bird house that is sitting on the fence post.  I thought it looks so pretty!    What little bird wouldn't want to live there?