Monday, December 11, 2017

My First Snowfall in Texas

I have lived here since 1992 and NEVER seen a real snowfall here, until this past week.  The doorbell rings at about 7:30 and it's the 8 year old little girl from across the street announcing to me that it's "SNOWING"! Real honest to goodness big fluffy snowflakes! As I pull on my jacket and boots and run after her to have a snowball fight!  I felt like a kid and was so excited to see snow!!!

The last time I saw snowflakes like this was at the Chicago airport in 2007 on my way back from my mothers funeral in Greece.  I have always loved the cold, snowy weather that winter brings, and love being outside while it snows. 

This was my house the next morning, it really felt like it was December and Christmas is coming!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's winter time in the South

The heat kicked on sometime in the night. The day before the air conditioner was on.  I woke up to to the sound of rain and didn't want to get up.  Too bad we don't have paid "rain" days.  It does feel like winter in Texas today, I actually had to put on my jacket and threw on a scarf for good measure.  I am only really going to the car, and from the car to my office so I would be out in the elements less than two minutes.  The dogs yawned, stretched, looked out the back door and didn't want to be bothered with the cold and the rain this morning, and went back to bed. I gave them a dog biscuit and water, hopefully they won't make to big of a mess by the time I get back home. 

On my real estate ventures I have been meeting a lot of new people and I'm hopeful that we will have long lasting professional relationships.

On the art side, I finished a few glass abstracts and they are all mounted and ready to be hung on the wall.  Now I just need to find the right wall and price them correctly to sell.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Overcome by Emotion

My youngest son was preparing to be part of a wedding this past weekend, shopping for shoes and gifts. On the day that he was suppose to leave to go and spend the weekend for the happy occasion, he calls me in tears devastated... Absolutely devastated.  As a Mom, until you can get past the tears they are crying to find out what happened I about lost it.  I truly lost it when he finally told me.  His best friend and college roommate of two years lost his life. 

No one had a clue what was going on in this young man's mind.   His outgoing personality, bright smile and laughter hid his emotions. He had a bright future ahead of him, he had friends and family that loved and cared for him. Amogh lifted everyone else's spirits, but he himself was overcome by his emotions.

He will be missed. 

Please donate if you can to the memory and legacy of Amogh Kulkarni


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tranquil.... we all need it sometimes

This past weekend was a busy blur of activity.  Open houses, showings, fused glass, showings, emails, calls,  mishaps and rain...

I have always loved real estate. Helping people find their new homes or selling their old ones, getting them through the process of the contracts, inspections, sometimes repairs, and finally to closing.

The hard part is trying to find clients that are willing to work with a "new" real estate agent.  I am trying. So far I have met some wonderful people, and I hope they will use my services when the time comes.  My husband tells me to keep on keeping on. I am trying.  I know success doesn't happen overnight, and there are hurdles to overcome. I have only been active four months, but as of this moment I have no one to work with.  I am trying. Through emails, post cards, open houses, letters, and phone calls.  This is sales. I am trying. I work every weekend and every evening after my day job ends.  I am trying.  Through this process of trying... I hope something come through. I have been praying a lot too.

I put some art in the kiln over the weekend and when this piece came out, it reminded me to be calm.

   Tranquil... we all need it sometimes.

Monday, November 6, 2017

I was oblivious

Yesterday I was holding an open house that's for sale in a trendy neighborhood, so I had quite a few people come through to look.  The afternoon was a pleasant, sunny day, until one of the people looked down at there phone and asked me if I knew anything about the mass shooting at the church....  I didn't know anything.  I was totally oblivious to what had happened just a couple of hours before and less than an hour away from where I was.   My heart sank.  I couldn't believe that this person could just walk in and shoot everyone down like that. 

When the other shooting took place during a bible study class I was in disbelief that someone could carry out such a hateful act to a group of people that welcomed him in.    Now this gunman took it out on babies, young children, and anyone that was in the way of a bullet.  I grew up believing that a church was a sanctuary and a safe place to be. I was totally wrong all my life... 

I pray for all the families that have lost loved ones....

Friday, November 3, 2017

mish-mash of this week

It rained on Halloween.... I was dressed up and had just a few kids show up between the down pour and the sprinkle.... That's me in the middle in my Witches dress and stripped socks ( I went to a Halloween meeting with the glass guild in this picture, but I dressed up again to give candy out on Halloween night)  I still have an entire bowl of candy left even though I was giving two handfuls out to each child...

On Wednesday I went shopping on my lunch hour and I see this guy, named Adam, sitting on the ground writing out a "donation" instead of a usual "please help" sign so I stop and ask him what is he asking donations for? He shows me the most beautiful palms that he has transformed into crosses with roses and a double rose and heart. I purchased the double the double rose heart, and now I hope to run into him again so I can purchase some more for Christmas. I also gave him a set of pastels and a sketch book just in case he runs out of palms to work with.  He is so creative he can probably create some beautiful art in all different types of mediums. I hope whatever situation has put him on the streets he will recover. He has strawberry blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes, I think he is in his late 20's early 30's. I hope that if you are in the San Antonio area and run into Adam you realize his artistic talent and share a few of your dollars for a palm.  Adam is just trying to survive.

Last night my coffee pot broke......  So I went out to Walmart to buy a new one...I can't function without coffee in the morning.  So I decide to spend $100 on this Bunn coffee maker that is "made in America"  and was on sale without reading the details... I came home unpacked it, and it has one warmer switch and one main switch, no clock, no presetting's, nothing.  It does have a sticker across it that says READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE.  I wasn't sure at 10 pm if I should just take it back or not. I figured I would just read the instructions and try it.  "Turn the main switch on, pour a pot of cold water in, wait 15 minutes, pour another pot of cold water in, dump the water out that has brewed in pot and keep switch on at all times unless you go on vacation" So there is reservoir of hot water at all times and the coffee brews in 3 minutes.  I was leery of "Keep IT ON" but I read the reviews and it seems a lot of people have used this coffee pot for decades.  The coffee tasted good this morning...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A new work of the works

This past week a friend of mine asked me to fire one of her glass art pieces in my kiln since it was to big for hers.  Well, it was a tad too big for my smaller kiln that has a 13" diameter (circle) shelf . If I try to put a 8"x 10" square the corners stick out over the shelf which doesn't work well when your melting glass..

So I needed to fire up my big kiln and I didn't just want to fire her piece by itself, so decided I had to quickly create a few pieces to go in with hers.   I decided to just make some templates and couldn't be happier with the out come. I used white glass with a variety of glass powders for the base. I will be adding shapes and lines to them, and if all comes out well, one of them will be donated to SaySi in the spring.