Sunday, September 23, 2012

the season of Fall

I'm really enjoying the "cooler" weather if one can call it that.  At least it's not in the triple digits anymore, so I'm happy! The last few weeks have been pretty interesting for me as I try to learn how to paint with acrylics, and learn how to appreciate art.

I'm not that great at painting and I really don't see myself as a painter, but it is fun!  The art appreciation class has opened my eyes to the way I actually look at art, and since I always thought of myself as a glass "Artist", this really comes in handy. Even though I have taken workshops, over the years I've tried to become  my own "original" type of artist. With this class, I came to realize I have no real clue about art, which put me at a great disadvantage.  My pursue in these classes is more beneficial than I ever thought they could be.  I look forward to Fall turning into Winter as my mind absorbs all that I'm learning.

On another note, I haven't put away my glass, my kiln is getting hot right now as the new palette for a fellow student is currently fully fusing in there. This time it's a Longhorn (per her request of course:)   A few years back I purchased a Bullseye stricker glass that has a hue of a dark yellow, which is supposed to tun into a deep orange....I hope it turns out that way.

I am also working on my stained glass window that I had hoped to finish by the end of last July, but hoping doesn't work by itself.... No deadlines for myself, just working on it one weekend and one piece at a time.

Happy Fall everyone!

Monday, September 10, 2012

functional glass art to create art!!!

The cooler air is here and even though the high's were in the 90's, it was such a relief to wake up to cooler temperatures and low humidity!

It was pleasure to work in the garage this weekend with the fan going and watching all the interesting little bugs that were out and about.  I really didn't think about taking pictures until this large beautiful Tiger Swallowtail butterfly landed on my hibiscus flowers and was feeding long enough for me to run in and get the camera.

Now while all the action was outside with the butterflies and interesting bugs, I was cutting Bullseye Tetka glass into 11" diameter circles for a couple my fellow students.

During our first painting class (with acrylics), the instructor told us the easiest material to use as a palette to mix colors is glass.  He had created a palette from a picture frame glass, that included a sheet of white paper between the glass and a card-broad backing, taped along the edges with electrical tape. I followed his instructions and I created this palette. It was very functional and easy to use, but not easy to clean. By the time I completed my first painting, the cardboard was wet and soggy and so was the white paper.  I would have to find more card board and re tape everything....  not working for me.

So I went home and thought about how I can make this painting class easier for me.  Well, that's when I came up with creating my own palette by fusing two 11" diameter circles of Bullseye Tetka glass and adding a little "flower art" to it. Easy to use, easy clean and not bad to look at either:).  So this weekend, upon the request from a couple of my fellow students, who were having the same issues, I created 2 more palettes (with their favorite colors!).  I hope they enjoy using them as much as I do.