Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blank Canvas

I spent Saturday cleaning my studio and removing the over sized work surface that was on top of my light table for the Stained Glass Memorial window that I finally finished. It feels good to have my space clean and ready for the next projects, whatever they may be.

On another note, I love mixing colors and creating a colorful "blank" canvas! My absolute favorites are blues and purples. Friday night I was playing with pastels and it felt so good to be able to blend the colors with my fingers. I don't know what it is about pastels that make me feel like a kid!

Now I just have to think about what will go on the "blank" canvas......

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dealing with death

Death is a part of life, we all know this. However when a young person loses their life, one can only imagine what the potential of their future would have been, and a deep sadness overcomes knowing we can only remember them in the past.

I don't deal with death the very well to begin with, and can't help but to retreat in my own world when I can not make sense of death when it happens to a very young, happy and healthy person.  Even though he wasn't my child, I watched him grow up from a child into a young man, and my heart broke when he suddenly past.

I retreated to my studio and thought about him and the bright colorful life, and happiness he brought while he was alive.  It took me many months just to decide on an appropriate design, that I thought would represent him. With colors of fields, flowers and a fawn, this window is what I retreated to in my studio for the last year. Creating this piece for him, while thinking of him, and sometimes even talking to him as I worked, this is how I dealt with his death.

Once I have it professionally framed, it will be a gift to his parents, just to remind them that he will always be remembered by all the lives he touch in this world in the short time he was here.
30" x 42"
His silhouette sitting on the back of the pick up truck with his cowboy hat is silk screened on the panel as well. Can you see it??? 

See you on the other side Connor!

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