Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It is what it is...... NOT

The mentality of "it is what it is" and we can't change anything is wrong. People need to stand up for what they believe in and stand up for what is right. It took way too long to take the confederate statues and monument's down but it has finally been done! The speech by the Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu that he gave on May 19, 2017 was spot on about our history. I think everyone should read it and you can do so, here.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another chapter

It's been a BUSY two weeks! Preparing for my daughters graduation, making sure my out of town guests were comfortable, and trying to make sure I crossed everything off the multiple lists I made, so I wouldn't forget anything. As I was trying to keep myself together, my keys kept hiding from me, I kept misplacing my phone, and of course with all of my kids home there wasn't a charger to be found ANYWHERE.... The the graduating class from the School of Architecture at UT Austin was small, around 40 undergraduate students and about the same amount of masters & a few PHD's in Architecture. After the graduation ceremony the school invited the students with their family and friends to a reception, which was lovely!!!! All I can do is show you in pictures!!!
Sis with both brothers!!!
Best friends!!
Best friends in Architecture!!!!!
Proud parents!!!
Cute couple!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Preparing for Piyo

It's a dangerous thing to be up late night watching infomercials. It was about midnight and Piyo came on, which I had never heard of before, so I decided to watch it it for a while. Wow, low impact, no extra weights used, use your own body weight to build strength and tone up. Combination of Pilates and yoga, and it was a seven day a week DVD set, Wow! yeah, I'm in!!. Okay, so I buy it, within that 20 minute "buy it now" window so you get a special deal. Not even sure what the "special" deal was..... So now I am currently waiting for it to be delivered, only one problem, I needed to buy a dvd player.... I ended up at Walmart during my lunch break yesterday and picked up a cheap $30 Sony dvd player, took it home and my husband was like "there's no HDMI cable". I'm like "so what, just hook it up!" Yeah, it's not going to work with the 12 inch multi color wires that came in the box unless I want it mounted on the wall next to the TV so the wire can reach....... I guess since my understanding of cable wires and the technology behind them is pretty much none, he is taking it back to get the "right" DVD player, which is probably going to cost twice as much as I wanted to pay for it. I am looking forward to this exercise program to arrive, but I have read from other people that have used this program that the first two days of workout are good and pretty easy, then 3rd day kicks your butt... Let's see how that works for me, going from completely sedentary to this workout. I know that I need to move my body, I don't want to get sick. My mother, father, brother and sister developed diabetes by the time they were in their early fifties and since I am edging up there I would like to do some preventative care.
That will be me, with the chair, doing the alternative moves....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

feels like summer but it's only spring

I wonder sometimes why I can dedicate myself to my 8-5, repeatedly doing the same thing everyday, year after year, pushing papers, typing, answering the phone and being content with all of this (the majority of time). I understand it is called making a living, however I can't seem to commit myself to myself. I feel like I have had thousands of "great" ideas over my lifetime that come to me in a moment and leave just as fast. I also wonder if it's just me, or if other people think this way. I talk myself out of following thru each and every time creating obstacles in my mind of why I can't go through with this idea, or that idea, or how difficult it would be if I did try, and would just fail at it.... The mind is a wonderful thing isn't it? or is it that I am just being lazy? Okay, so enough about that. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately. I love May, it feels like what summer should be. Mid 80's, low humidity, cool refreshing water in the pool, and flowers blooming. Sunday morning I jumped in the pool for the first time this season and it was wonderful! I enjoyed relaxing and just drying off in the sun while drinking my coffee.
Saturday I worked all day preparing my house for the intense summer heat and humidity that should be arriving in a few weeks by purchasing curtains for the bedrooms. I was pretty happy with just the blinds because I love the sunlight shining through, but the electricity bill shoots up so high to keep the upstairs cool that I had to do something. Now, just a run down of my Saturday to get what I wanted/needed: I went to two different Targets (4 times), two different Tuesday Mornings and two different Walmarts (3 times). So basically I spent the day driving back and forth trying to decide what to buy and where to buy it. I needed the longest curtain rod that I could find at all the stores they stopped at 120" which was too short. I found the best deal and the right size at Tuesday Mornings, the curtain rod stretched out to 144" and only cost me $25. For that measurement I couldn't find them anywhere else and even the shorter ones (120") where twice the price everywhere else. Bought the sheers at Walmart, and the actual curtains from Target. Of course I had to go to the multiple stores because there was never enough of what I needed at one location. It all worked out in the end and it already feels a bit cooler in the house.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Terribly sad day

I received a text from my daughter this afternoon as she worked on her final project. The text read: "5 people just got stabbed on campus- he ran into Jester" Jester is a dorm building, my daughter lived in her Sophomore year. One person died and three taken to the hospital. They are saying that the person doing the stabbing is a student. This is all 2 weeks before end of the semester. My heart sank for the student that got killed and the family that has lost their child....