Saturday, December 22, 2012

Greek Christmas Cookies

Tis the Christmas season with some old fashioned Greek butter cookies!

Every year I make Christmas cookies  for my family and friends in the neighborhood.  I always make the same ones every year, Kourambiedies (Greek butter cookies).  I got the recipe from my cousin Sonia (who has a large family and large circle of friends). The first year I followed the recipe precisely and I ended up by the oven all day making dozens after dozens of cookies!  Since then I have cut the recipe in half and now the  make about 6 or 7 dozen, just enough for my family and friends!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


         As this semester comes to a close, we had one final painting to create. Each person randomly picked a word out of a bag and had to create something that represented that word.  I got Place. Place is pretty easy, I could have chosen any "place"  to paint. I however, decided to go a slightly different route of "place".  If your in San Antonio, and it's dusk you can hear them in the trees and across the electrical liens, especially if your at a red light on a corner of any HEB. Some people call them trash birds, others think their evil.  Me, I personally find them beautiful and beautifully social!   My painting is called "Evening Social" and the main character is the Grackle.

As you can see all his friends are waiting for him to join them up on the wire!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas cooking!

       I love cooking during the holidays!  Christmas cookies and treats! Special lunches and dinners for get together's!
      Every year my son's Tae Kwondo school hosts a pot luck Christmas party. This year I was more than enthused to participate! So this morning I got up at 5am and put out frozen Rhodes rolls so they can defrost and rise.  Then a few hours later I started chopping onions, pepper, garlic and cooking Italian sausage.

My contribution this year was Italian sausage & peppers along with dinner rolls.

I usually make my sausage and peppers with marinara sauce but I thought  the sauce always covered the beautiful colors of the peppers. I searched the internet and BAM! I found an easy recipe that had 5 star reviews and looked very tasty! Here's the link if your interested in the recipe.  It turned out REALLY good! (Of course I tasted before I take it to the party! :))

Easy Italian Sausage & Peppers Recipe

Here's my pictures from this morning:
 Rolls rising
 Rolls done!
 Sausage cooking
Sausage & peppers done!

I can't wait until my daughter comes home for Christmas break so we can start cook all the sugary treats of the holidays!