Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas cooking!

       I love cooking during the holidays!  Christmas cookies and treats! Special lunches and dinners for get together's!
      Every year my son's Tae Kwondo school hosts a pot luck Christmas party. This year I was more than enthused to participate! So this morning I got up at 5am and put out frozen Rhodes rolls so they can defrost and rise.  Then a few hours later I started chopping onions, pepper, garlic and cooking Italian sausage.

My contribution this year was Italian sausage & peppers along with dinner rolls.

I usually make my sausage and peppers with marinara sauce but I thought  the sauce always covered the beautiful colors of the peppers. I searched the internet and BAM! I found an easy recipe that had 5 star reviews and looked very tasty! Here's the link if your interested in the recipe.  It turned out REALLY good! (Of course I tasted before I take it to the party! :))

Easy Italian Sausage & Peppers Recipe

Here's my pictures from this morning:
 Rolls rising
 Rolls done!
 Sausage cooking
Sausage & peppers done!

I can't wait until my daughter comes home for Christmas break so we can start cook all the sugary treats of the holidays!

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