Tuesday, November 20, 2012


        October flew by and November is more than half gone.  I've neglected to post anything on my blog, not because I didn't want too, but because I had nothing to say.  The classes that I have been taking this semester are coming to a close. I've learned new things and I was kept very busy. The supplies for the classes are simple and easy to store, paper, pencils, paints & brushes, unlike my glass.   I have already signed up for spring classes, but my heart keeps telling me to do something else....work on my glass.

         With the holidays coming up, all my glass supplies and tools have yet again been packed up nice and neat and put away out of sight. I dream of having some studio space just to create glass art without having to climb over bicycles, move lawn mowers and other items stored in front of my work table.I want a space somewhere I don't have to deal with the heat during the hot summer days, the mosquitoes in the evenings and the cold in the winter, granted it feels like its 80 degrees today, but I want somewhere I can open the door (and close it), go inside and forget the world while my imaginations takes over.

I think I will be looking for my own space in the spring.........  

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