Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Even though my kids are grown and the younger two are in college, by no means are we alone in the house. Jake, Bently, Tiger, Little Kitty and Pebbles all live with us. Plus we have  a VERY lagre tank full of fish. Now, I also have my daughters dog BamBam for a few weeks while she works on a project for school that is requiring her to go out of town.
Even with all of these animals that are part of my family, sometimes other animals just come around and adopt us. This wouldn't be the first time this has happened to me, but it is a first to be adopted by a duck. The first time I saw him I thought my husband bought a new yard decoration until it started quacking at me! He's not afraid of us and just hangs out in the front yard. He likes it when my husband waters the lawn and he gets sprayed, flapping his wings like he's taking a shower. I provide him with water to drink, and corn on the cob. I now call him Henry. I don't know if he is someone's lost pet or if he has lost his flock, I just know that he is here in my front yard. Who knows how long he will be here, but he is welcomed to stay as long as he wants.