Sunday, May 31, 2015


The last two weeks have been emotionally draining. A type of funk that I can't shake. The blog is my main link to social networking for my art, but creating art hasn't even been on my list of things to do lately.   I wish I could take some time off, fly to New York and spend my summer laying around on the beaches of Rockaway. That's how I feel.

I've lived in Texas for more than 20 years, have always complained about the summer heat and high humidity, but all this rain is depressing too. It seems like its been raining since December with just a few breaks in between. Yes, more than the weather has been bothering me, but I never wanted to live in a rainy climate either.

Right now, I have ideas and plans, but nothing solid so Im flip flopping around like a fish out of water. I work at a day job that pays the bills and supports my kids while they're in college.  I'm not sure what I want for myself in the future and I know nothing stays the same.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


This week was an emotional roller coaster, but this evening, as I was going through my personal e-mails I had a pleasant surprise. I have been a member at EBSQart since 2008 and subscrided to their daily "art of the day" e-mails. As I opened the e-mail there were my lemons! It made my day! That was the first time any of my art was chosen!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

So far, so good.

       I was invited to go to a couple of parties on Friday evening but declined both since I really don't like driving home by myself in the dark. (hubby was on call and couldn't venture very far). I am glad that it worked out that way because I had a surprise visit Friday evening from my youngest son. He and his friends decided to take a road trip, and he came by to visit for a couple of hours before they continued on. Made my night!!!
       Saturday I had the opportunity to SPLURGE on some much needed glass inventory.  I had so much fun shopping, that I felt like a kid in candy store choosing all the different colors of glass powders!!! The owners at Helios fused glass studio are very nice people!  I love shopping there! Paul showed me all around their new shop. It is an amazing space with great inventory! My shopping spree should hold me over for a long while.

       Since I was in Austin on Saturday I picked up my daughter and her dog Bambam for a much needed weekend away from the campus.  She still has one more day before she is done for the semester, and even though she had to work on her final project, I enjoyed her company. (and Bambam's too!) (her dog is like a cat, she just chills out!)

        With all the rain South Texas has been getting my potted gardenia is bursting with flowers. My hubby has cut a few of them and placed them all over the house. They smell amazing!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Ocean Morning"

It was only five years of procrastination and a couple of different designs before I created my final design. I cut all my glass then wasn't sure about a few of the colors I had chosen, but then my youngest said "contrast Mom, contrast" so I went with it! I decided I was going to finish this within the time span of the Sunday morning Jazz and it worked!.  My bathroom window is complete and installed all before noon today. I am finally finished! The peice is made with Spectrum water glass.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Here I am

Since the last time I posted I feel that I'm in a strange place between productive and placid. I started a large painting and the foundation of colors and brush strokes were beautiful to me. Then I felt the need to paint something on my foundation to start/complete the painting. For the last few days, I have stared at the item I painted on my canvas and think about the different things I could have done instead of this, or if I do something different that I may like it better.....So essentially, I just walk on by. That's how it's been for me.

I have also been think about a comment one of my blogger friends asked me. Do I sell my art? My response was, Im not a saavy business person. Yes I accidentally misspelled the word savvy too... In all reality, before I found out I was sick and went into  that awful treatment that actually made me feel like I was going to die, I did sell my pendants here and there, even opend an etsy shop. Now Im trying to figure out, what do I want to make to sell, if I sell at all. I kind of feel like I have ADD. I make things and get bored of what I'm making so I make something to different. That has been my pattern. Not sure if that a marketable talent. On another note, anyone reading this blog and needs some free business support is a site that was referred to me.  So this has been my week.