Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Little birds

I decided to make some fun little fused glass birds. These little guys are from my first test batch, and they will be keeping me company in my studio. I'll be tweaking a few things for the next batch of birds, and  those will be up for sale at my art space.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My art space

I wish I took a picture of it today!

My daughter and I went to Homestead Handcrafts today, where I rent a small space to sell my art. We decorated the walls, added some more glass art, and moved things around. The space is looking very cute!  

If your in the San Antonio area, I hope you stop by and visit my little space,  I'm vendor 1769 and I'm at the Thousand Oaks location.  There are many arts, crafts, vintage and antique vendors in the store that there is something new everyday.  Is a great place to buy gifts for yourself or someone else!

 Theme of wall paper in my space:

Last week I needed some solitude, to my let mind free from anything around me, so I finished my painting.  It's a representation of a photograph taken by a very talented photographer, Michael Schor. I am blessed that when I asked to paint one of his photos, he allowed me too.  Michael lives in Rockaway Beach, a place  where I spent my childhood summers, eventually living there year around as a young adult.

The ocean is a spiritual place for me that brings me serenity.  Living in San Antonio for the past 20 years, and being far from the coast, I find that peaceful feeling by painting the ocean.

                                          40"x30" acrylic

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I have been looking forward to this weekend after a long, busy week at my 8-5.  It was nice just to wake up and not have anything particular to do, just a list of "want to do".

I started out my morning by working on some glass art that's firing in the kiln right now. Also did some things off of my "want to do" list, and as I was on Facebook looking at friends posts, I was inspired by a photo of little girls practicing ballet with colorful tutus on, so I decided to paint an abstract for my studio. It's nice to do something  just because you want to, for no particular reason except enjoyment.

I also finally got around to taking a picture of the kite mural my daughter painted for me in the studio.  I love kites, and she did a beautiful job creating exactly what I wanted! (next, some glass kites to hang  from the ceiling!)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Open for business!

I set up my little area in Homestead Handcrafts today!

I was so excited this morning when my daughter and I set everything up!  I'll be adding more art every week and decorating the area a little more.

I absolutely love the fact that they are open 7 days a week and I can go by anytime to add more items!

If your in the San Antonio area, and are looking for a unique gift for yourself or someone else come on by!
 Remember, I create everything that I sell!  My vendor number is 1769

Homestead Handcrafts 
4536 Thousand Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78233

Mon-Sat 10-6
Sun 12-5