Saturday, June 8, 2013


I have been looking forward to this weekend after a long, busy week at my 8-5.  It was nice just to wake up and not have anything particular to do, just a list of "want to do".

I started out my morning by working on some glass art that's firing in the kiln right now. Also did some things off of my "want to do" list, and as I was on Facebook looking at friends posts, I was inspired by a photo of little girls practicing ballet with colorful tutus on, so I decided to paint an abstract for my studio. It's nice to do something  just because you want to, for no particular reason except enjoyment.

I also finally got around to taking a picture of the kite mural my daughter painted for me in the studio.  I love kites, and she did a beautiful job creating exactly what I wanted! (next, some glass kites to hang  from the ceiling!)

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