Friday, March 29, 2013

Let there be sunlight!

My hubby and brother have been hard at work today!  My studio has some natural light now!  They not only  got my windows in, they even replaced my old cracked bathroom window.  They finished up for the night exhausted but happy with their accomplishments! I'm pretty happy myself right now!

                                             Great Job Guys!!!!

Meanwhile, I have also been working with some french vanilla glass along with clear dichro.  There are two pieces cooling in the kiln and are blank slates right now.  Hopefully I will have them turned into something beautiful soon.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Say Si

What a wonderful evening at Say Si! Beautiful art, food, live music, a great group of Artists and Patrons for a great youth art program in San Antonio!

The artwork was spectacular and the overall event was great!  Over 200 artists participated and donated their work to be put up for auction. I bid on a piece but I was quickly out bid. To make sure I left with a piece of art tonight I went into the Middle school/High school Gallery and bought a beautiful  piece of art  right off the wall!  When I showed my  youngest son the art, he really liked it so I gave it to him!
I left before the auction closed, but I did notice that my piece had a couple of bids.  I hope who ever wins the glass art I created really enjoys it!  I had fun participating with Say Si this year!

This is the piece of art I purchased tonight created by a high school student.
Just beautiful work!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A little bird singing outside my window woke me up this morning. What pleasant way to wake up on my 44th birthday!

Yesterday I drove my daughter back to UT Austin after spending spring break week at home. I always enjoy spending time with her and I think she just needed to relax and catch up on her sleep. We had a great week together!

Since I was going to Austin, I decided to check out Helios Glass.   They had open studio yesterday from 4pm-9pm and I thought it would be nice to hang around some creative minds. I've have got to say the owners are the friendliest people!!! They taught me a few simple things that will make my life much easier working my glass, and I thank them very much!  The other artists attending the open studio had BEAUTIFUL glass work that they were working on. I myself, bought a few pieces of glass and spent a couple of hours playing!  I had a fun evening there and look forward to going back! If your ever in Austin, I highly recommend a visit there!

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!