Tuesday, May 9, 2017

feels like summer but it's only spring

I wonder sometimes why I can dedicate myself to my 8-5, repeatedly doing the same thing everyday, year after year, pushing papers, typing, answering the phone and being content with all of this (the majority of time). I understand it is called making a living, however I can't seem to commit myself to myself. I feel like I have had thousands of "great" ideas over my lifetime that come to me in a moment and leave just as fast. I also wonder if it's just me, or if other people think this way. I talk myself out of following thru each and every time creating obstacles in my mind of why I can't go through with this idea, or that idea, or how difficult it would be if I did try, and would just fail at it.... The mind is a wonderful thing isn't it? or is it that I am just being lazy? Okay, so enough about that. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately. I love May, it feels like what summer should be. Mid 80's, low humidity, cool refreshing water in the pool, and flowers blooming. Sunday morning I jumped in the pool for the first time this season and it was wonderful! I enjoyed relaxing and just drying off in the sun while drinking my coffee.
Saturday I worked all day preparing my house for the intense summer heat and humidity that should be arriving in a few weeks by purchasing curtains for the bedrooms. I was pretty happy with just the blinds because I love the sunlight shining through, but the electricity bill shoots up so high to keep the upstairs cool that I had to do something. Now, just a run down of my Saturday to get what I wanted/needed: I went to two different Targets (4 times), two different Tuesday Mornings and two different Walmarts (3 times). So basically I spent the day driving back and forth trying to decide what to buy and where to buy it. I needed the longest curtain rod that I could find at all the stores they stopped at 120" which was too short. I found the best deal and the right size at Tuesday Mornings, the curtain rod stretched out to 144" and only cost me $25. For that measurement I couldn't find them anywhere else and even the shorter ones (120") where twice the price everywhere else. Bought the sheers at Walmart, and the actual curtains from Target. Of course I had to go to the multiple stores because there was never enough of what I needed at one location. It all worked out in the end and it already feels a bit cooler in the house.

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