Saturday, April 20, 2013

Continuation of the mid-west.... on to the Gyro Palace!

The trip was filled with places to go and people to see. We weren't on a schedule, our days were just filled with family, friends and food.  Did  mention food?  Lots of food!

Our visit to the Gyro Palace in Glendale, WI was a treat! We didn't order anything specific off the menu directly, our friend who is the Mom of the owner of the restaurant just called out to the cooks to provide a medley of foods!  SO Good! Chicken and beef Souvlaki, calamari, salad, spinach pie , pita bread & yummy ztaztiki!(yogurt, garlic and cucumber sauce)
There were only 3 of us at this feast and there was a lot left over!
I had so much fun with our friend!

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