Sunday, April 7, 2013

Found treasures!

I love spring in Texas, it actually feels like summers days I've experienced  in other places that I've lived!

Every spring I go on a hunt for treasures.  Treasures that other people are tired of, or just have no use or room for anymore.  On my journey I also made a new friend. Lu was walking her neighborhood and purchased items she couldn't carry so we got in my car and took the journey together!  What a great way to make a new friend!

I usually look for art in different forms and this year it just so happened to come in the form of plates. It seemed that every house I went to had commemorative art plates.

It was amazing that they came from all different parts of the world, California, Peru, France Italy and . + the mold from England.

 Set of six from France


My all time favorite! Copper chocolate lion mold from England

I really enjoyed the treasure hunt this year!!!

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