Sunday, March 23, 2014


Last month I decided to venture and try a new craft...... Pottery.  I picked up my pieces today knowing that I probably wouldn't venture any further into this craft anytime soon. The first day I walked into the pottery studio for class I wanted to leave, immediately. I was overwhelmed with all the "things" in the studio, and my mind went over all the money it would cost to pick up this new craft. I stayed and that anxious feeling of wanting to leave left me within the first 10 minutes.  I was the only student for this class, so I had one on one training four Saturdays in a row with excellent teacher. The time went by fast, as it usually does for me when I create something that I enjoy doing. Now, I did not master this craft, but the wet clay did feel good against my hand as it spun on the wheel. So here are a few pieces that I created. I do want to say that my love of glass prevails and although I had fun learning to throw pottery,  the colors of glass always amaze me, and keep me drawn close to them.

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