Saturday, August 11, 2012

Up-cycled T's

It's always nice to find something to do with the old clothes that your children no longer want but will use if you get creative with them.

Every year before school gets ready to start, I ask my kids to go through their clothes and bag the clothes they have grown out of to make room for new school clothes.  We usually donate the old clothes, but this year since my daughter is getting ready to leave for college I knew that she was going to "bag" some clothes that she felt she was too "old" to wear.  Before sending everything off to the donation bin I went through the clothes and picked out her favorite t-shirts she wore in high school and made some small "comfort" pillows. 

When she saw what I was making, she just fell in love with them! I ran out stuffing as she was choosing more t-shirts she wanted me to make into pillows!  She's even having me make some for her friends too!

The worn cotton t-shirts and the fluffy stuffing are so soft that it makes them not only comfortable but huggable as well!  We're planning on adding pom-pom's to all the pillows!


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