Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Einstein Sgraffito challenge day 27 & 28

The challenge for day 27 & 28 is to Draw Albert Einstein upside down. I understand the concept of drawing upside down, your eyes follow the lines instead of the image we think we see. I was introduced to this technique about a decade ago in a drawing class.   At first I was going to follow the rules and draw the picture upside down, but then I decided not to. Drawing upside down takes time, following the lines and shadows. I really don't have the patience for it after a long day at work, so here is my upright, free hand drawing of Einstein..  


  1. I think this is excellent as I know how you feel after a long day at work love the color of glass that you used is it 90 or 96 did you fuse this?

    1. Thank's Kim! It is 90 COE bullseye Tekta. I full fused random colors of powder glass on the tekta as my base canvas..