Sunday, January 11, 2015

before and after firing

So I thought I would share pictures of the four pieces I fired in the kiln yesterday. I went to a high tack fuse of 1380.

On the building I cleared most of the powder that surrounded the building, I thought it would turn out too dark. I think I should have left a tiny bit on there. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these it's great to see. Looks like you added the right amount in each one. I really like the lemon.

  2. Every piece is fired beautifully.

  3. Your fired sketches are great. Is the yellow powder on your lemon above or below the black powder? I have not used any color yet and was just wondering. Also, I love your koi pond and I just fed your fish.

    1. Thanks for feeding my fish! I added the yellow on top of the black.

  4. These all look great..I love the building, it looks silhouetted against a fiery sunset!