Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sgraffito [skrah-fee-toh] Challenge Day 1

So as I entered day 1 of the 30 day sgraffito challenge (that I signed up for yesterday!) I first had to understand what sgraffito was to begin with, so of course I went to Google for the definition. 

noun, plural sgraffiti  [skrah-fee-tee; Italian zgrahf-fee-tee]

a technique of ornamentation in which a surface layer of paint, plaster,slip, etc., is incised to reveal a ground of contrasting color. (in our challenge we are using glass).

I am pretty familiar drawing with glass powders, but to uncover a color was a bit different for me and I didn't want to use just a solid color of glass as the base canvas.
So last night after the New Year celebration, I contemplated this challenge and came up with idea of creating 30, 4"x4" glass canvas's to "draw" on. 1 each day for 30 days.   So I cut up a sheet of Tekta, which is clear and decided to add a variety of colors to each piece, using the palette of glass powders I have on hand.  So now each little canvas will have a unique undertone to be revealed.  This process set me back a couple of days, because it was too late tonight  to turn on the kiln to fuse the colors into the glass (I don't like sleeping while the kiln is on, it's just a fear I have).  Anyway, in the morning I will turn the kiln on and if the glass has cooled down by a reasonable time I might be able to work on my first piece.

Day 1 Challenge: create a sketch using glass powders and our fingers. (I'm a bit behind)
 30 4"x4" cut glass canvas's 
opal glass powders applied to the clear glass.
(all 30 tile fit in the kiln! Yay!)


  1. This is a neat idea Drita. I'll be watching with anticipation to see what you post to the blog and how the background images get revealed.

  2. Very cool idea -- I can't wait to see ;o)