Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sgraffito challenge~day 23, 24 & 25

Day 23 challenge-create a drawing of an item that I collect...hmmm, I collect a few things, sand from different beaches in jar. I collect seashells in a jar, I collect glass scraps from different projects in  jars. So my real collection is jars!
I collect jars, to collect different things.

Just thinking about the challenge that day 24 presented, doing stuff with my left, non-dominant hand had me push all the days challenges out until today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, It just took more time working with my left instead of my right hand. Not that I created anything spectacular, I just completed what I needed to.

Day 24 challenge-using my left hand to draw out trees without any tools. (I had to do this one twice since my branches were going up instead of down.

(Okay, so they almost look like trees)

Day 25 challenge was using, my left hand with some tools. My tool of choice was the little card.
I think everyone can tell it's a tree with a swing~ mission accomplished.

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