Monday, January 19, 2015

Sgraffito weekend challenge plus Monday

I am so glad I was off today.  This weekend has been an emotional one. My youngest son left on Saturday to go back to school, and today my daughter is on her way back to her school.  My house feels empty and quiet now.  I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could over this winter break, because I knew as as soon as they left I would miss them, and I do.

Today after my daughter packed up her car and her little dog, I ventured out to my studio.  It's a beautiful sunny 69 degrees out, so I was able to have the windows open as I worked.

I am pretty impressed with all of the other artists that are in this challenge, and their beautiful detailed work.  I also can't believe we are on our 19th day and only have 11 days left in this challenge.

If anyone wants to check out the blog where all the art is posted go to Modern Ancient Glass. It's been a great artistic journey so far!

So here are my three black & white weekend pieces and my Monday Pink Rose.

Poppy bud 2"x3"

flower 2"x3"

Resting Bird  2'x3"

Pink Rose 4"x4"


  1. Oh I know the quiet and the melancholy that descends after the kids leave yet again. It's good you have this artistic endeavor to pour sustenance back into yourself. You've given your babies wings. I often think that what they need most from me now is for me to be ok as they fly off into their lovely lives. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog earlier.

  2. But I do so miss the the cuddles and late night chats. I feel your pain. You look like you are coping well.....judging by your sketches. Well done