Monday, February 20, 2017

Sunshine after the storm

It's about 5pm and I'm sitting on the back deck, in the sun writing on my ipad.  Last night wicked storms blew through Texas with torando warnings, and I was hoping it wasn't going to continue today like the weatherman had predicitied. I woke up this morning with some serious gray clouds and drove to my 9am gallery appointment without a drop of rain falling. The roads were wet but the highway was pretty empty with a lot of people off for President's Day, including me.
I arrived promptly at 9 and took a tour of there stained glass gallery, it was impressive to say the least.  The style, color and designs where phenomenal, and the craftsmanship was the best I have ever seen in person. After my gallery tour, I was guided through the design area, then to a workshop within the building. To my surprise we went out the back door to a HUGE workshop where all the glass is stored, and there were huge worktables through out the entire building, all I could say to my host, "I want to live here". I didn't think anything like this existed so close to home. I was amazed.

After the tour I presented my most recent style of work and they seem to like it, and want to include it in the gallery.  However, l did pull out of my  purse a cross had made a few years ago to show them. They LOVED it! I think my crosses will fit well amongst the Christian themed windows. Now I just have to figure out waht I am going to use as bails and what type of adhesive.  The adhesives have disappointed me over the years as they tend to pop off. However, I am excited again to create some new crosses.

My newest piece out of the kiln this morning,I mounted it and took it with my other pieces
"Left luggage" fused glass 7"x9"

2" dichro fused glass cross I made this one for my hubby years ago