Saturday, February 25, 2017

Change is in the air

Waking up this morning with a chill in the air, the sun shining, and the birds chirping in my back yard, I decided to come downstairs and have a quiet cup of coffee while Tiger sits in my lap purring.

As  I open the blinds the sunlight hits everything in the room and I can see how much dust has accumulated on everything...... just one more thing to add to my list today to clean. Right now though all I can think about is the events of yesterday, and contemplate my future.  It was a work day as usual, or so I thought, that was until a phone call in the evening that things may change, and the feeling I have is that I might not have job in the near future. After 15 years in the same cubicle, change is hard, even though I claim to love change.....  I won't go into any specific detail, but I have to consider my future and how I approach this. One might consider sitting back and just let chips fall where they may, but others, like myself, would like to know where my immediate future is going and where my pay check may be coming from.  I shared my news with the peolple of my art group and all they could see was me sellling my art as my occupation.  I feel that is easier said than done.  I will embrace whatever comes my way and go with the flow.

Now, on another note, since joining the San Antonio Glass Guild  again, I have been going to the meetings and this past Thursday I attended what they call a "make and take". We got together at Stouffer Studio and Gail, the owner of the studio donated over 100 pounds of clear scrap glass. She guided us on making glass hearts from small pieces of broken chopped up glass in several layers to be fired on a tac fuse, which basically means the broken shards will stick together, but not completely melt.  We each had the choice of either donating the hearts towards a fund raiser, which the actual benefactor hasn't yet been decided on, or we could take them home. I decided to donate mine.  It was a fun get together and I enjoyed seeing all the members that attended. 

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