Thursday, February 9, 2017


They say patience is virtue- "the ability to wait patiently, without getting angry, the ability to wait calmly".... I really don't have patience.  I get easily frustrated when I am putting details in my art, especially when a time crunch is looming. Point in fact: the second firing of piece below. The first time around it seem a bit flat and dull,  I decided that when I got home from my day job I would "QUICKLY" add to it and get it in the kiln before 6pm (I get home at 5:30) so I don't go to bed with a kiln on..... Thus I rush against clock, my work gets messy and the details get skewed and sloppy.... If I only had the "patience" to wait until this weekend, I would not have rushed myself in a 30 minute window, and maybe, just maybe, my work would have turned out the way I saw it in my head.

1st fire

2nd firing

It may need a 3rd firing .............. or just file it away somewhere.

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