Saturday, February 11, 2017

Feeling accomplshed

I was anticipating the weather to be cloudy and gloomy, so I had no plans to leave the house today. I created my to-do list early this morning which consisted of cleaning up, laundry, bathe the cat, bathe the dog and continue on with whatever I felt like doing. Instead the weather was sunny and warm, almost hot.  I even hung my legs into the pool this afternoon, for a split second thinking jumping in but deciding against it since the water was barely 60 degrees.

Once I finished my to-do list I decided to venture into the garage where my husband was already working on his own projects.  With the garage door open it was a beautiful day to work outside. I measured my boards and my husband cut them down to size so I could mount my glass art.  I have had two dimensional pieces sitting on the shelf of my closet as far back as 2009. They all had one thing in common, they needed to be mounted on something, with some kind of adhesive.  I never could figure out what I wanted to mount my artwork on.  I didn't want to use glues or silicone, and I certainly didn't have the tools to cut steel to use as the backing.  2017 brought new knowledge and now I know what to use, and want to use. I was on a roll this afternoon, I even mounted my tiny scrap glass 2"x"2 drawings.

So the day was not wasted and I accomplished what I set out to do and more.

2"x 2" poppy on scrap stiff white (2015)
 mounted on black board

2"x 2  little bird on scrap stiff white (2015)
Mounted on black board

8"x 8"Fused glass abstract rhododendron (2009) made with glass powders with reaction to french vanilla. Mounted on black board 

7"x 9" Rockaway poem fused on french vanilla

Mounted on blue whitewash board  2015

8"x 8" Cosmic abstract (2009)made with glass powders and gold leaf
Mounted on black board. 

Did you know Grey Gardens in East Hampton is for sale???? A cool 19 million. I have always loved that beach bungalow- mansion.  It is the smallest home around there, and I would love to live in it. Only in my wildest dreams......


  1. you and your husband sound like a great team.

    1. We are a good team, only because he thinks Im going saw my fingers off on the table saw! lol!