Monday, February 27, 2017

It's just Monday

I always look forward to the weekend, making plans, writing lists of all the things I'm going to do on Saturday and Sunday and how artistically productive I'm going to be on the weekend.  Sometimes, it just doesn't work that way, I get side tracked.  I read all these posts on Facebook "sell more art",  "sell art online", "create your page to sell your art", but no one says "get off the couch and create your art"  "Stop dusting and create art",  "pull out your sketchbook and create your designs", Motivate yourself to create".

I can draw and plan all week, Monday thru Friday, and when the weekend comes around, I lose my motivation...... what is that about? Maybe I need to get rid of the TV and recliner....

Now I'm at my 8-5, between files, thinking about what I could have created yesterday..... I had this intricate black powder drawing that I was starting, but then, I thought this is going to take me hours to draw out, so I put it to the side and created something fast, not intentional, and it wasn't in my original plan at all.  The kicker of the whole thing was that a staple from a bag of crushed  glass fell onto my piece and I didn't even notice until I took it out of the kiln this morning. Needless to say staple or no staple, I didn't like the outcome.  wasted time, wasted material.... now in a junk drawer....

I need to set my intention, and stick to it.

Here is a lovely picture of the burned into glass staple.

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