Thursday, February 2, 2017

just things

I have so much on my my mind lately.  Good things, bad things and wishful thinking.  Maybe Arnold could take over?

Since the class a couple of weekends ago I haven't created anything, but have prepared my glass to create some art. My space is ready with measured and cut glass, I have downloaded reference pictures from a great site, that allows artists to refererence the photographs without having to worry about breaking any copyright laws.  All that's needed is to create a login account and the array of photos to reference are plenty. 

Sometimes when I get tired of drawing tedious little lines to create a picture, I just have fun throwing things together to create an abstract.  This particular piece was created towards the end of class, put into a tiny little kiln all by itself, and the kiln malfunctioned. The kiln shut down before it got hot enough for a full fuse, creating this textured piece instead,  I call that a "happy accident".  I even brought this piece into my cubicle at my day job because I love rubbing my hands over it. As of March 1st, I will be in my cubicle for 15 years, and this is the first personal item I have placed in my area besides a plant someone gave me as a gift.  I always thought I would hit the lottery so I didn't want to have to pack up stuff off my desk.... :) Just kidding, there really isn't any space for personal items.

"Happy accident" 4"x6"

Last night I had to go shopping for a new dress for a business luncheon today. My closet is full of pretty dresses, but they're all in different sizes, and I seem to have outgrown the last size dress I own. I was determined to go bold, I wanted a red dress. Ok so I ended up with a deep red, almost maroon color, and since it was sleeveless, my arms looked like cottage cheese under the fluorescent lights, so I had to buy a cover up...  anyway, I was pleased with my purchase.  

In my cubicle with my cover up on.



  1. So pretty! I'm intrigued by your artwork. And thank you so very much for wishing my mom a happy birthday !

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    1. Your so sweet! You know if i was in NY we would have to go have a cup of coffee or tea together!