Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tis the season

A few days ago I posted about being glued to my computer and ipad. I was able to shut down for a few hours, read a book, and came right back on without regret. I was e-invited to the San Antonio Glass art guild's Christmas party. Debating if I wanted to go or not, I sent in my rsvp, went out bought a (glass related) gift, went to the party and had the best time! The hostess and her husband have a beautiful home filled with artwork from all different types of artists. Her own glass art work was amazing. I spent the evening talking, laughing and eating all in the company of some the most creative artists around. I'm really glad that I went! I participated in the gift exchange game and brought home this upcycled bottle made into a cheese tray with knife, and the artist even included a cowboy boot pendant, I aboslutely love it! If you want to see women "steal" gifts from each other, just put a tool in a gift bag and the game is on!!! We all LOVE TOOLS!

Friday night afterwork work it was dinner and a movie with a bunch of girlfriends. I honestly don't remember doing anything like this in the past, but I had a great night, two nights in a row. Pinacolada for me with Nacho chips and I was pretty full by the time my dinner came to the table.  The restaurant was located in the same area where the movie theater was, so we walked over and we were a little early so I just HAD to have a scoop of the chocolate gelato..... I was really full after that! We watched the movie The Coopers. It was funny, and kinda sad, and then really funny! It was a perfect family Chrsitmas movie.

Today, I made my "list" of all the things I needed to do and did just that today! Feeling accomplished!

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