Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunny Sunday

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining and with all the rain we got the last few days, the mums I planted around our mailbox have bloomed.

All of our remaining possesions are finally out of storage. My living room, office, and the kids bedrooms are stacked to the brim with boxes.  I donated a truck and a car full of items at the local goodwill. I will keep sorting, putting away, and donating as I unpack.

I also feel a bit sad as all of my art supplies, tools and kilns are lined up along the walls of the garage, up on shelves and stored away with no studio to go into.  My 10 sheets of Tekta completly shattered in the move today.  I think any glass artist would be upset about that. I truly miss my old studio...... I will just have to brush it all off, and think of a scheme to get a studio again.

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  1. maybe there is a communal studio in town, where you can work side by side with other glass and ceramic artists?