Sunday, November 22, 2015


The house is coming together and I only have a few boxes left to unpack. I still feel sad about my studio at the old house, and my husband knows it.  He told me we can probably build a studio on the side of the house, either an 8x10 or an 8x12. We are going to go out and measure the area this morning. I hope an 8x12 can fit there sine every square inch is a plus! It's going to be an expensive, long process since I will also need electric, water and permits that go along with building a structure like this.  I want lots of windows too!

For now though, while I save up money, and dream about what my future glass studio is going to look like, I'm switching gears. I am pulling out my water color paper, paints, pastels and preparing a small corner in my office for creating art. It's funny how creating art keeps me happy and sane.

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  1. Hoe exciting to build your own studio from scratch! And i so understand about art keeping one happy and sane.