Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sitting room

Yesterday I finally put  my china cabinet together in our sitting room. Dusting and cleaning all the nic-nacs before putting them back in there designtated spots was a task.  The nic-nacs all represent something special, and I have the cabinet split in 6 sections. The top left is a Christmas section, the middle left is for swavorski crystal florals, the bottom left is for Mexican, Central and South American items. On the top right side I have Italina and Middle Eastern items. The left middle are items from Greece, and the bottom right are Japanese and Chinese items.

Now after all these years, my husband just thought I had a lot of stuff and never realized how I had this divided and was surprised when explained all this to him last night.  I think he just thought I had a lot of "stuff". I tried to take a picture of the cabinet up close, but because of the mirror backing a picture does look good with my face in it.

Here's a peak into my sitting room. I think it's just a cozy room, perfect for my hubby and I to sit and chat, or watch TV (If we can agree on what to watch).  I still need to put up curtains, but I'll get there.


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