Friday, July 3, 2015


My alarm went off this morning as usual, but I didn't have to go to work today. I had to decide if I wanted to roll over and sleep in or get up and decide what I'm going to do today.  I tried to stretch a bit this morning but my cat's took over the yoga mat.  I easily gave up so I moved on to Facebook, and to the blog to catch up on my fellow bloggers posts.

I have several things in mind for today, but I need to decide which one art piece I really want to work on. A colorful "blank" canvas is waiting for me on my easel, then I still have a multitude of ideas for glass projects.  I also put together a canvas that is 18"x 36".  This one is going to be for a sunset that I would like to keep in my room.  I guess just by writing this post, I'll be painting this morning while my cats relax on the mat.

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  1. So wonderful, to rise contemplating how you will express yourself through art.