Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Good read!

Ever since I can remember, I always loved going to the library. The nice thing nowadays is that the library is open seven days a week minus a few holidays. So on Sunday afternoon I decided to go to the neighborhood library and just browse with nothing specific in mind. I came up on a cute and quirky little book by Summer Pierre titled "The artist in the office".  It was a quick fun read that inspired me enough to actually create some lists that it recommened, and spend some time during my work day doing something creative (during my lunch hour of course ;) ).

I am still thinking about getting a small group of like minded people for a monthly creative session. My problem, I am a little lazy to get it together. Hopefully I can get past it it and just put it out there and see what happens.


  1. Would love to hear what some of the suggestions for creative interludes were!

    1. My favorite part of this book was to take "advetures" during lunch breaks. Instead of going out just to eat, go to an art gallery, go take pictures, go to the park and read or write, visit a flower shop and buy yourself flowers.. Another one that caught me off guard was to write a list of 20 things you like
      to do, and then the next part said to do one of them. I really enjoyed this book.

    2. Thank you! I love the list idea!