Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's not just me....

After 22 years of living in Texas, and never getting used to the heat with high humidity, my mood declines every summer. After my creative burst Friday morning, I fell into a deep depression.  To me the heat was too oppressive to go outside. I didn't budge from the house all weekend. My husband kept trying to coax me into my studio. He tried to get me to go to the park. I couldn't budge. By Monday morning, before work, I broke down in tears wondering what was wrong with me, and why after all these years, can't I get used to this climate. Why do I go through this depression every summer? I HATE it.  It's very ironic that my favorite time of the year was summertime, until I moved to Texas. I always knew that people suffered from depression living in places like Alaska where its dark 24 hours a day during winter, but I had no idea that it happens to  people in in hot, humid climates. Nor did I know there was a label for it. I googled to see what would pop up for summertime depression and behold SAD was right there.  When I read the article about Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) I finally felt I had an answer and finally didn't feel like I was the only one that goes through this. Now that I know I am not crazy, I need to figure out a plan to be able to leave my home at least in the summer months, if not move altogether from here.

Well today's post is way more personal than just sharing about an art project, but maybe, if someone out there feels the way I do, I want them to know they are not alone.    

I will get through this,like I do every summer......
It's a hot sun


  1. Summer is often hard for me for a slightly different reason. The sunny days make me feel as if everyone is out there living an exciting life, and I am just ...here. With no imagination about what to do with myself. It doesn't help that my husband is a big homebody. He loves nothing more than to sit on his couch on weekends. I find rainy days a big relief in summer. An excuse to hunker down. It's good that you understand what you're feeling, and that it will pass.

    1. Hopefully one day, I can swing by and pick you up on a Saturday morning, We can get on the A train to the beach and eat Italian ice all day!

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