Monday, June 22, 2015

Art in the Dark

Thursday evening I participated in "Art in the Dark" silent auction.  It was my first time donating a piece of art for this event, which benefits the SA Lighthouse for the blind children's programs.
Not only did each  artist donate a piece of art, we had to participate in a guessing game with the bidders since the artwork was covered. Each person in attendance had to touch the art while it was covered, feeling and sensing to guess what it was.  I was pretty happy that my shadow box art had a few bids on it.  It was also fun for me to see what people thought my design was.  I was also happy that the lady who actually won the bid said it would be perfect at her lake house!!!

Now my pelican has a new home, and I feel good contributing a little something to benefit the kids program.

9"x7" iron oxide fused on glass,
acrylic painted background on canvas
in a shadow box


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