Sunday, June 14, 2015

Socializing through art

It's a rainy Sunday morning. Little Kitty and Bentley are occupying my studio since they don't want o go outside and hang out in the rain. I've been up for a while now since my cell phone was blaring with a flood watch warning way too early this morning.

I have been thinking about creating an informal "San Antonio Artist's Group".  I would like to be part of  a group of artists from all types of media, meeting twice a month to insprie, motivate and socialize. A group where we can share our ideas and art and just have fun, possibly make some new friendships.  It would be intersting to see what type of collaborations could happen, and what kind of art that would create. Any comments would be appreciated.


  1. Would these be artists you already know or strangers you'd invite to join? In any case I think it's an inspired idea, an artistic community to feed the creative soul.

    1. Known and unknown! Writers are welcomed too!