Thursday, January 26, 2017

Say Si

My husband was trying to help me last night by coaxing me into the garage while he worked on his car.  He figured if he was working out there I would work on my art.  I had a small hissy fit about not being able to decide what I wanted to create, but he just stood firm and told me just work on anything. Once I had the glass in front of me that's all it took to create something..

I took my artwork out of the kiln this morning and put it in the frame and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I'll be dropping off  the finished piece at SaySi on Saturday for there annual Small Scale silent auction in March.  I really do like enjoy participating in this because it promotes art education for children all the way through high school. I truly believe art education is an important part of children's lives, and they grow up to be creative adults that think outside the box.

I haven't decided on a name for this yet (I have until Saturday to decide) but here it is:


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