Monday, January 2, 2017

A new year!

Monday, January 2nd 2017, I cleared some space today in the garage so I can start working on some art. I don't want to make a "resolution" however I want to start a new "habit" of going into the garage after work to create stuff instead of plopping down in front of the tv after dinner.  I received some amazing gifts this year to create art and I want to utilize them all.

All of my kids gave me some really special gifts for Christmas, but my daughter worked on one of my gifts over a long period of time.  While working at her internship and living at home, she secretly was working on a website for me. This gift was presented to me through a small sketchbook with a business card inside..... MY new business card that she designed with my new website address.  What a great way to be surprised! I am currently tweaking some things on it, but overall it's ready to go.

I've been invited to donate a piece of art to SaySi this year and I have accepted the invitation. I have until the 21st before I need to drop the piece off.  So this will be one of my first pieces I will need to work on. I'm currently throwing around ideas in my head, but nothing that makes me smile... yet.

So now, I just need to paint, fuse some glass and create instead of just planning and writing the lists of things I want to do. Happy New Year! I wish all your dreams come true this year!!

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  1. What a fantastic Christmas gift from your daughter! You must be so moved. Is this the website where you will share and sell your art?