Monday, January 16, 2017

New things

Saturday was the first day of class with Kelley Crosser Alge. Her work and technique seemed familiar to me, however learning online versus in a classroom is whole different ballgame. Little tips and tricks, that just aren't shared if your not face to face all get missed when your online. Also, the challenge was just a basic introduction to Sgraffito drawing on glass.  Over the last three days I learned valuable information and more than I expected. One of the most valuable lessons I learned this weekend was in the first 10 minutes on the first day of class about displaying two dimensional artwork. As a glass artist one of the biggest challenges I faced was mounting my glass. What do you use? Silicone? Glues?  wood? metal? Glues don't always last, the glass will shift or falls off. Silcone can be used but it's not ideal for me.What does Kelley use?.... Industrial strength velcro!!!  Wow, life has been made so much easier now!

Since this was drawing with glass, we used powders, and different sizes of frit. The overall lesson was developing perspective, color variation along with the different chemical compositions of glass and the reaction they would have when they are fired together.

Over the last three days each student made several pieces of art.  I was able to bring home 4 of them home, while the other two are in the kiln overnight.

There were several nice things about this class other than learning a new technique.  I had recently met a lady that does glass and pottery during an art show in the spring of 2016, and we hit it off and have become friends. I told her about the class and she decided to take it with me, so we took turns driving each day. When you have good company the hour drive each way didn't seem so long. The other nice thing was that I knew six out of the eight students that were taking the class, so conversations and joking around came easy. Oh yeah, I joined the glass guild again.  One more thing, Matt Grones is a a fairly new owner of A&A Products (18 months). Prior to his ownership, it was only a glass supply distribution center. Matt has created  wonderful work station that is very spacious for each artist to work. He is new to hosting classes and he is a very gracious host. Also, he couldn't have picked a better teacher to teach this class! I wish him much success.

4"x6"(this one is my favorite)


I was tried of drawing- so this my abstract :)


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