Saturday, January 16, 2016

Texas sunset

It's a windy, sunny, 65+ degrees,  barefoot, capri kind of day!!! Went out for a few minutes to wash my paint brushes off and play ball with my dogs.  Honestly, I would love it if the weather could be like this all the time!!! 

My kids have left the coop this weekend, getting settled back into their apartments to gear up for classes next week. I already miss them and the house feels empty without them. They don't know it yet, but I will be visiting them soon!

This afternoon I created the background for my shadow box, it a Texas sunset (acrylics).  The fused glass will sit a few inches in front of the painting in the shadow box to give it a nice affect.  I know what I want to draw out on the glass and fuse it, but I'm not going say what my my design will be, just in case it doesn't turn out and I have to completely change it. Now, I am going to go back outside and play before the sun does set. Enjoy your day!

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