Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Projects in the works

I have a few projects that I am working on.  1st off is a 40"x 32" painting of the beach. The picture was taken by a friend of mine that lives in Rockaway Beach, NY, and with her permission I have been referencing the photograph for the painting. It's still a work progress but I do like the way it's turning out. On to my glass art; I was excited to receive an e-mail invitation to donate a "small" piece of art to SaySi  for their annual silent auction that benefits their art programs.  I really do love their school and feel that art is very important, it opens up the children's creative mind. So I will be working on that piece soon ( I just have to get to my kiln in the garage).  Now, another project has taken over my mind. Since we have moved in to the new house I have been debating in my head what kind of stained glass art do I want to create for the large octagon window that is in my office/art studio???? Well, for a very long time I've wanted to make an astrology circle, and I think this window would be PERFECT for it!!!!!!  Now it's time to measure, draw out, pick some glass and get to work!

I took afternoon off from work today, it was too beautiful outside to stay inside. I also wanted to spend some time with my kids before they leave for school.  I ended up buying pansies today, and planted them at our mail box. I also opened up most of the windows in the house.  Once I get the off this computer, I will be venturing outside again before the sun goes down so I can enjoy the spring like weather! It's just too beautiful to be inside!

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