Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Freak out!

On Saturday evening I was about to open the internet on my Ipad and post on the blog. Well, an official looking pop up for Safari-apple popped up and notified me that my safari was locked because my system was hacked and I needed to call the 1800-870-3001 immediately for technical support....... , it would not go away and I fell for it..... long story short, I allowed them to hack into my system and realized it when they asked too many questions and wanted to charge me over $350. to "fix" the hack. I unplugged, shut down the modem, and  then spent the rest of the evening clearing my browser history, changing all my passwords and locking down my bank accounts. That was such a fun Saturday night!!! DO NOT Call that NUMBER!!!! Monday wasn't that great either, spending my lunch hour at the bank changing everything....

On a positive note, Saturday afternoon was spent at the neighborhood park exploring the trails with the dogs.  I can actually walk to it from my house.  The dogs loved it and since the weather was beautiful we stayed out for several hours. Depending on the trail I take, it can to intertwine to other parks through other neighborhoods which is nice. Essentially this park doesn't have me walking in circles, which I love that!


  1. Oh my goodness .... you just have to ignore those pesky pop-ups. I actually have my settings to block pop-ups, so that takes care of most of them. What a stressful event, I'm sure.

  2. So scary! I block pop ups on my Mac too.